Baby Blanket

Create an extra special gift with our custom embroidery. All of our blankets from the mini blanket to the extra large blankets can be embroidered to add a touch of thoughtfulness to your giving. Whether it be the extra special baby gift or wanting to give the perfect wedding gift, personalization adds an extra touch to our luxury blankets. 

Teen Throw Blanket

As your child grows, we believe the things they love most should grow along with them. Our smallest blanket, the mini is the perfect on the go blanket, ideal for tucking around a newborn in the car seat and becomes their lovie as they grow. Next our generously sized receiving blanket (30″ x 40″) provides exceptional coverage, warmth and comfort – perfect for snuggling! When a baby outgrows their receiving blanket, the toddler to teen blanket gives ultimate luxury for kids ages 3 and up.

Adult Throw Blanket

Saranoni Home Throw blankets (50″ x 60″) and Extra Large Home Throws (60″ x 80″) provide beauty and comfort to any home. The elegant but simple borderless design dress up the home and warm up family and friends. 

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