Saranoni’s goal is to bring happiness, warmth and comfort to everyone with our products. We couldn’t have been happier to see our blankets go to Erin Brooks for our January giveaway. She shared her sweet story on her little boy Ryder who we hope received happiness, warmth, and comfort from his Saranoni. Here is his story:

” Ryder was diagnosed prenatally with Trisomy 18 and several other health concerns (heart defects, omphalocele) which would most likely prove fatal.  We followed our faith and chose to continue our pregnancy and carry Ryder with love for as long as we could.  We knew that however short his life would have value and meaning. ”

“Ryder Allen Brooks was born on Friday March 8 at 9:33am.  He was 2 months early and weighed 2lb 5.9 oz and was 14 inches long.  God granted our greatest prayer and Ryder was born alive!! He stayed with us for a very short time before returning home to God at 10:36am.  But what an incredible hour that was! We got to tell our son how much we loved him, how proud of him we were.  We got to shower him with love, hugs, and kisses and he got to meet his grandparents.  We got more pictures and made more memories of his life in that short hour than I ever dreamed possible.  Ryder taught us unconditional love, strength, and grace.  He has forever changed our lives and made us better people.”

“Your blankets helped keep our little boy warm and comfortable.  He will be cremated with his mini Saranoni blanket.  I will attach a picture so you can know the baby whose life was touched by your blankets.  Thank you again.”

Erin Brooks, Ryder Brooks,

We hope this story brings you hope, strength, peace, and love to your loved ones and especially to the Brooks family, thank you Erin for sharing!