Saranoni has created a whole new line of luxurious colors and a brand new Toddler/Large size. We are excited to say that we have six NEW colors! These include Hot Pink, Charcoal, Lavender, Ginger Snap, Steal Blue and Teal!


Luxurious Candy Apple Red Lush with a delicious Charcoal Lush.

Candy Apple Lush/Charcoal Lush

Luxurious Charcoal Lush on both sides to get the ultimate delicious look.

Charcoal Lush/Charcoal Lush

Luxurious Hot Pink swirl with delicious Charcoal lush fabric!

Hot Pink Swirl/Charcoal Lush

Luxurious Teal swirl with delicious Charcoal lush fabric!

Teal Swirl/Charcoal Lush

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