PRODUCT CARE: To maintain the softness and texture of the fabric on Saranoni’s products, wash in cold water and lay flat to dry. See individual care label for each product.

BLANKET SIZES: Saranoni offers blankets in a variety of sizes so there is a Saranoni that is perfect for everyone.

15 x 20″ Mini Blanket: The Saranoni Mini Blanket is the perfect sized blanket for travel –  car seats, strollers and diaper bags. It can be snuggled by a little one who is looking for comfort and security whether it be at home or on the road. Coordinate with the matching Baby Blanket.

30 x 40″ Baby Blanket: Welcome your baby in style with a receiving sized blanket from Saranoni. Designed for babies and young children this blanket is sure to be a favorite. Pair this blanket up with the matching Mini Blanket for ideal security companions.

40 x 60″ Toddler to Teen: The Toddler to Teen Saranoni blanket is great for a child who has outgrown a baby blanket or as a throw blanket to keep on the couch or near the TV. Kids, young and old, will love to snuggle up in this beauty.

60 x 80″ Adult Throw Blankets: You have to see the size and feel the luxury for yourself. Weighing in at over five pounds, this generously sized throw blanket is sure to warm and comfort you and your loved ones.


LUSH: Appealing to the senses. Luxurious. Sumptuous. Delicious. Once you feel Saranoni’s feather-soft Lush fabric you will need all of these definitions and more to describe what you feel.  Prepare yourself for blanket heaven.

SWIRL: Our sumptuous swirl provides a luxurious look and feel that thrills all those who indulge in a blanket with our swirl fabric.


SATIN: Our satin is extremely soft to the touch and light in weight. Your child will love our Satin blankets because they are so easy to carry around – their Satin blanket will go everywhere with them!

PLUSH/PLUSH DOT: Our plush fabric is a shorter minky fabric that provides a softness that irresistible to little hands and faces to snuggle into. Plush Dot fabric offers the same softness with an added fun texture of bumps little ones fall in love with!